A Proud Member of Rotary International since June 1st 1922

About Us

Rotary was founded by Paul P. Harris in Chicago in 1905. In 1910, the National Association of Rotary Clubs was formed, to be followed two years later by the development of the International Association of Rotary Clubs. The name of this organization was changed to Rotary International in 1922, the year the Fredericton Club was formed.

The Rotary Club of Fredericton was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Saint John and received its charter on June 1, 1922. The founding meeting was held in the private railway car of the late James Woodman, then general superintendent of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The club has grown from the original 23 charter members and over the years, hundreds more have contributed to the various projects and success of the Club.

When the Club was granted its charter, it determined to follow the principles set down by Rotary International. The four-way test was, and still is, the determining factor.

1.      Is it the TRUTH?

2.      Is it FAIR to all concerned?

3.      Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

4.      Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Service Above Self – He Profits Most Who Serves Best, is well known to Rotarians as their motto. It was introduced by Arthur Frederick Sheldon of Chicago, and never once have members of the Club looked back from serving their community.

The first activity organized by the Rotary Club of Fredericton was youth oriented and the pattern has not changed in its future efforts. One of the Club’s earliest projects, an annual Boys Sports Day, was eagerly looked forward to by the boys of the city and surrounding area. This ran from 1922 to 1931, when it was absorbed into the expanding recreational program of the City ofFredericton.

Assistance to disabled children has always been an integral part of the Club activities. The first venture in this field was the payment for eye examinations and provision of glasses for children who otherwise would not have had these problems corrected. Later, this scope was broadened to include examinations and treatment for other physical disabilities, and the provision of shoes, supports, braces and similar equipment when required. Payment for transportation costs to the Shriners Hospital in Montreal for cases requiring special operations was another memorable feature of this program. In total, activities of this nature accounted for a high percentage of the attention and resources of the Club for a number of years.

Establishment and operation of the Dr. Sterling MacFarlane Camp for handicapped children atGrand Lake in the summer of 1951 launched the local club on what has proved to be its major project over the past 50 plus years. Funding for the Camp owned by the Rotary Club of Fredericton comes mainly from the Rotary Auctions and Cash Dinners which have become annual events.

Among the other projects of Rotary, the most continuous has been the sponsoring of the annual Adventure in Citizenship conducted by the Ottawa Rotary Club. These “adventures” serve to bring students from all provinces together, in a program designed to emphasize the various aspects of Canadian citizenship. The Club also participates in an international student exchange program.

In promoting the work of Rotary, the Rotary Club of Fredericton has sponsored and organized clubs in Woodstock, Edmundston, Fredericton North, Sunrise Rotary, Oromocto, Gagetown and Minto.

A list of the Club’s past presidents follow:

1921-23 R.L. Phillips
1923-24 Robert VanDine
1924-25 Sterling MacFarlane
1925-26 Wilfred Kierstead
1926-27 Joseph Dolphin
1927-28 Charles Bailey
1928-29 Alban Bate
1929-30 Luke Morrison
1930-31 George Brown
1931-32 George St. Clarke
1932-33 Allison MacKay
1933-34 Donald MacLeod
1934-35 Warren Maxwell
1935-36 Frank Cooper
1936-37 John MacKay
1937-38 Arthur VanWart
1938-39 Hedley Forbes
1939-40 Whitter Fenety
1940-41 Dyson Wallace
1941-42 F.E. MacDiarmid
1941-43 Starr Young
1943-44 Whitman Haines
1944-45 G.H. Prince
1945-46 Stanley Wood
1946-47 Otto Miller
1947-48 Story Hynes
1948-49 A.S. Coster
1949-50 Russel Lambert
1950-51 Geoffrey Pitcher
1951-52 G. Herbert Kitchen
1952-53 Harry Wilson
1953-54 William West
1954-55 Ralph Freeze
1955-56 Lester Smith
1956-57 Chester Campbell
1957-58 Norm Anderson
1958-59 Winston Reid
1959-60 Guy Scovil
1960-61 Percy Thompson
1961-62 Merv Fletcher
1962-63 Herbert Gunter
1963-64 Arthur Limerick
1964-65 Gerald Cherry
1965-66 John Kilburn
1966-67 Howard Hagerman
1967-68 Lyman Greene
1968-69 James Manchip
1969-70 Reid VanDine
1970-71 William Barrett
1971-72 James Hoyt
1972-73 P.O. Beaton
1973-74 Ottis Logue
1974-75 William Matthews
1975-76 John Morrison
1976-77 E.C. Brown
1977-78 L. Dale Steeves
1978-79 Bev F. Macauley
1979-80 Merle Cull
1980-81 Robert Watling
1981-82 John E. Swanton
1982-83 Jean-Paul Levesque
1983-84 J.G. Lockhart
1984-85 Paul V. Embleton
1985-86 G. Neil Sneyd
1986-87 Randy Dickinson
1987-88 Janus (Jim) Hughson
1988-89 Dr. Blake O’Brien
1989-90 Bruce H. Daniel
1990-91 Keith Allen
1991-92 Donald Ganong
1992-93 Douglas E. Morgan
1993-94 G. Brian Trenholm
1994-95 Douglas Gordon
1995-96 Ray Wilson
1996-97 Tom Sifton
1997-98 Al Thomas
1998-99 David Beattie
1999-2000 Arthur Clarke
2000-01 Frank Morrison
2001-02 Richard Harvey
2002-03 Stephen Morrissey
2003-04 Kevin Price
2004-05 Barbara Wishart
2005-06 Ray Dixon
2006-07 John Rowcroft
2007-08 Michael Hines
2008-09 Marion Brien
2009-10 Elva Sullivan
2010-11 Derek Rose
2011-12 Bernie Holland
2012-13 Tom Vardy
2013-14 Adeline Misener
2014-15 Dianne Wilkins
2015-16 Eric Cook