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Dr. Lynn HansenOctober 23, 2013
The Fredericton Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Clubs of Fredericton co-hosted their third joint luncheon on 21 October 2013. The guest speaker was Dr. Lynn Hansen, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society and anesthesiologist at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton.

Dr. Hansen outlined the details of the medical society’s new strategy for improving patient care in the province, Care First. The strategy contains four primary pillars: primary care, listening to front-line workers, wait times and healthier living. The complete strategy can be found on their website.

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October 7, 2013
Rotarian Sharon Crabb gave her classification talk.

Some factoids she mentioned about herself:

-She spent 33 years in the education system.
-Sharon taught in Saint John, Woodstock, Fredericton, and China.
-She has a PHD in Educational Administration from Mississippi.

Sharon loves to travel. Happy to be back in Rotary!.

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CampRotarySeptember 16, 2013
President Adeline gave a presentation about Camp Rotary–she was looking for feedback from members, as she is giving this presentation at the District Conference.

Some facts she mentioned about the camp:

-First camp was in 1952 with 18 campers
-Of the twenty-one buildings at the camp, six have been ‘adopted’ by other clubs
-This summer, 436 campers attended Camp Rotary this summer.

President Adeline also gave an overview of how clubs can help, suggestions are: adopting a cabin, taking on a specific project, contributing to the operating costs, and even come out and help at clean-up day!

After her presentation, she gave a brief report, highlights were a reminder about the district conference, the meeting on September 18 that Sunrise is hosting with the Korean ambassador, and he joint meeting with the North club and the Chamber on the 26th (there is no meeting on the 23rd).

Rotarian Laurie Menzies gave his inaugural “Rotary Minute,” where he gave a brief history of the club.

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September 9, 2013
Our guest speaker at the meeting was Paul Volpé from Enbridge Gas NB. Mr. Volpé spoke about natural gas in New Brunswick. He explained that his company distributes the gas to ten communities in New Brunswick. This equates to 12,000 customers, and they have almost 800km of pipe they own to supply these customers with the gas. It was a very interesting presentation, and there were a lot of good questions throughout Mr. Volpé’s talk.

We had three guests at the meeting, two were visitors from a club in Virginia. President Adeline had a banner for them, which Rotarian Michael Hines presented.

President Adeline gave a brief report, highlights were a reminder about the district conference, the meeting on September 18 that Sunrise is hosting with the Korean ambassador, and he joint meeting with the North club and the Chamber on the 26th.

Rotarian Judy Hawkins also passed along an album of photos from the social with the Gagetown club which President Adeline hosted at her house a couple weeks back.

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20130826photoAugust 26, 2013
The meeting on Monday was a business meeting. Rotarian Judy Hawkins spoke about the fellowship opportunities coming up in this year (see the events section). It sounds like there will be lots of opportunities to have some fun with our club members, and the other clubs as well! The first event is the social at President Adeline’s this Friday (note the date change).

Rotarian Alistar also spoke about the September meetings, there will not be a meeting on Labour Day, and the meeting on September 23rd is moved to a joint meeting with the Fredericton North Club on Thursday, September 26th. If you have any suggestions for speakers, please let Alistar know.

President Adeline gave her report, but the highlight was the induction of two new members, Nancy Sutherland and Sharon Crabb. President Adeline, President-Elect Dianne and Assistant District Governor Doug welcomed them into the club.

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Rick TonerAugust 19, 2013
The speaker today was Rotarian Rick Toner, the Chair of our Camp Rotary Committee. The committee is formed of two members from each of the Fredericton Rotary clubs, and a chair, from our club. Rick spoke about the work that has happened at the camp this year, such as fixing the entrance to the tunnel, a new floor was installed in the kitchen, a new fire suppression system was installed over the stove, among many other things.

Rick outlined a new idea the committee has implemented the “adopt a job program.” Under this program a person/people agree to take on the duties and responsibilities of a job identified by the committee chair. This person will update the committee on the status of the job they have agreed to take on. They will also be responsible to train their replacement if and when the time comes.

Great things are happening at the Camp, and with this summer’s camps now over, the work begins for next season.

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July 22, 2013
The focus of today’s meeting was Fundraising for Camp Rotary. Rotarian Dianne Wilkins spoke about a planned Gala event, and Rotarian Brian Trenholm talked about “The Friends of Camp Rotary” campaign. Rotarian Brian thanked everyone for their support: those who brought names forward, for those Rotarians who donated, and to the donors from the public as well.

Rotarian Dianne spoke about the planned Gala Camp Rotary fundraiser for 2014. The tentative date for this is February 14th. This will be an elegant dinner, with a live auction and entertainment. The committee will be looking for corporate sponsors and suggestions for a speaker who will create a draw.

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June 17, 2013
Rick Rogers, District Foundation Chair presented on the recent updates to the Rotary Foundation. Rick discussed Future Vision, District and Global Grants, the 6 areas of focus and Annual giving to the Rotary Foundation. With the revisions more money comes back to the district for club projects. For more information on Foundation changes visit: The Rotary Foundation.

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June 10, 2013
Tim Fox, Executive Director of the Fredericton Community Foundation, shared a presentation on his organization. The Fredericton Community Foundation is the link between donors and the needs and interests of our community. Topics discussed include who the Foundation supports, various scholarship management opportunities, funds and grants. Tim also discussed how the funds are managed and the various funds available.

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June 3, 2013
Sheri Somerville with the New Brunswick Chapter of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers shared her presentation on Energy production and Hydraulic Fracturing. Sheri reviewed the History of Natural gas and oil Industry in New Brunswick, the geology of Natural Gas resources, the stages of production across Canada, Geophysical (seismic) exploration, the Guiding Principles for Hydraulic Fracturing and the new rules in New Brunswick and Responsible Energy Development.

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May 27, 2013
President Elect, Rotarian Adeline Misener lead the Rotary club of Fredericton May Business meeting. Our club has been very busy generating awareness this spring in support of Rotary Awareness week, officially taking place June 3-9, 2013. Club membership is on the rise. The process for nominating new members was reviewed. Great turnout for the camp clean-up day in spite of the weather. Club assembly taking place June 5th in the evening. Our club will be participating in Safe Grad for Fredericton High school June 20th. Changing of the guard year end party reminder for June 24th.

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May 13, 2013
Rotarian Lynda was raised in Dalhousie where her father was an active Rotarian for many years. She practiced law in Dalhousie for five years before moving to Fredericton. In Fredericton she made her start as Executive Assistant for then Minister of Finance Allen Maher and for 15 years she worked with the province of New Brunswick, Department of Justice as Deputy Registrar and Director of the Court of Queen’s Bench. Since 2003 Lynda has worked with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as Regional Director for New Brunswick, responsible for inspectorate operations. Lynda’s connections to Rotary are strong through direct family involvement. Having been involved on the Board of Directors for Special Olympics for 2 years and the Parent advisory committee with Ecole Ste-Anne, Lynda is excited to make further contributions to her community through Rotary.

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May 6, 2013
Councillor Mike O’Brien shared his presentation “Peeling Back the Curtain;” an informative look at the myths and facts surrounding affordable housing in Fredericton. Councillor O’Brien currently sits as Chair of the The City of Fredericton’s Committee on Affordable Housing. The Committee acts as an advocate for the homeless, the working poor and those with special housing needs to improve their quality of life through affordable housing. For more information on this topic please visit: City of Fredericton Committee on Affordable Housing.


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